Making a positive difference together.
We set high standards of performance for ourselves so we can provide the best possible health outcomes for our patients.

The Harbour Surgery Centre is a team of surgeons with specialist expertise in Upper GI, Liver and Pancreas diseases. We perform high-quality operations for abdominal cancers and other general GI procedures, with an emphasis on minimally invasive approaches. We look after our patients holistically, from initial diagnosis, right across the continuum of care, providing reassurance and keeping the patient’s best interests as the driving force behind all clinical management. Due to our extensive training, we have vast experience and knowledge in the specialised field of our practice. The Harbour Surgery Centre works alongside many allied health professionals sharing evidence-based resources and knowledge to make a positive difference together.

What kind of care can patients expect?

Our patients are people first and foremost, not merely the sum of their medical conditions. We understand that many people often feel scared and uncertain. As experts in our field, we are here to provide you high-quality expert care. Our holistic approach provides reassurance and peace of mind throughout every stage of the journey.

What level of care and commitment can allied health professionals and referring practitioners expect?

We understand and value the collaborative approach of working with allied health professionals to secure the best results for our patients. Our working relations are built upon respect, sharing knowledge and coordinating care. This extends to all processes that help ensure timely and efficient patient management. Availability and excellent communication skills are fundamental values to our group practice, along with a commitment to staying abreast of the latest technological and scientific breakthroughs in our field. We are a dynamic team that’s always looking for a better way forward.